How Photography Has Changed Over the Years

Photography has become more accessible and convenient over the years with the great advancement in technology. The history of photography started from the use of a Polaroid camera to the modern and most expensive digital camera such as Hasselblad H4D-60. It’s without a doubt that the evolution of cameras is amazing.

History of Photography

Photography has its origin in remote antiquity that came with the discovery of the principle of camera obscura. They discovered that the exposure of substances to light altered some visibility. In the 18th century, the first photography was made with Nicéphore Niépce making the first crude photography in history. A computer-based electronic digital camera was then commercially introduced in the 1990s that soon revolutionized the field photography. By the 21st century, there was a decrease in the use of traditional film-based photochemical methods. There was a practical advantage of using the widely appreciated modern technology because of the quality of images and style that has continuously improved over time.

Photography was developed as a result of combining different technical discoveries from great mind from all over the globe. When the first photography was invented, it had to be operated by an expert with advanced training who was well informed about handling photographic equipment as well as darkroom chemicals. The development of pictures was expensive and time-consuming.

Nevertheless, with the first developing technology, it has become has more accessible to capture the event for memories in future or share them online with friends and relatives.

Recent era

Photographs have emerged as an integral part of our lives today. They are very colorful and used everywhere starting from magazines, books, television, newspapers to uploading then on Facebook and other social media platforms. It has changed over the years to become an important tool of communication and visually expressing oneself. Some people are making their careers out of photography. With the advancing social media, many photographers have earned big names from the masses hence acquiring potential clients. Commercial photography is making real money and each photographer aspiring to have a better camera to shoot the best images and develop in style. The introduction of iPhone in 2007 created more convenience, using Wi-Fi network individuals are now able to upload pictures asap to any social networking site.


History of photography has changed over years for the benefits of each person. To all photographer and other films lovers, the advancement is a bread of life. They are on the lookout for the next developing tool. They have to keep shooting amazing images in style.