Wedding photography styles and formats

Wedding picture-taking used to be about posturing with the new in-laws in a line. All that changed in the recent years with the advancement of the photography industry. Today the newlyweds can express their personalities through the various options available. Brides and grooms with artistic and cultural persuasion, in particular, are ensuring their wedding day memories are works of art in their style.

There are various wedding photography styles. They include:

Fine art wedding photography

It’s a style of photography that is usually considered classic, with a touch of a film. The photographer who uses this technique to shoot usually has a background in portrait or fashion photography. The photographer focuses on making the wedding pictures to look dreamlike, romantic, and beautiful. If it’s vital to show off your dress, hire a photographer who has high fashion experience and style.

Photojournalistic photography

News media initially preferred this reality-based, informal style, but currently, it’s the rage in wedding photography. Instead of posing for snaps, the photographer has to follow the couple and their guests taking shots as the events unfold so as to tell the story of the wedding. The photographer fades into the setting and becomes invisible so as to capture the unposed pictures. The photojournalists don’t give instructions; therefore, they need to be keen observers to capture the best moments.

Fashion wedding photography

This snap shooting format is a genre which focuses on displaying clothes and other fashion accessories for commercial aim. This wedding photography style highly borrows unique techniques from the fashion photography. The ways may include fashion-risque poses, use of unique off camera lighting, dramatic backgrounds among others.

Traditional wedding photography

In this style of photography, the wedding photographer is completely involved. The photographer helps in directing and guiding the wedding thus is considered as the coordinator. Traditional photographers excel at the formal, posed shots that focus on a few people. To ensure perfect shots, the photographer has to adjust the background, equipment, subjects’ body alignment, attire among others.

Illustrative photography

This style is typically a mix of photo-journalistic and traditional formats. It focuses on lighting, composition, and background. The photographer puts the couple and the guests in a pleasant surrounding and allows them to interact and relax. This photography style combines spontaneity and posed snaps.

Natural light photography

The photographers use the natural light instead of the camera flush. The shots are warm and natural. It's important for the photographer to be skilled in dealing with challenges such as shadows.


The wedding day should be a memorable day of your life. To ensure this spectacular day remains in your thoughts for the rest of your life, choose the right photography style and format.