The best wedding photography trends of 2017

A wedding day is a joyful moment when one enjoys a lot. Photographs are left out for your coming generation to see. Photographs taken on this wonderful day need to be pleasant. This is the tips on how we go over it.

  • Doing an earlier research to choose the best quality and style.
  • Set a meeting to identify the best photograph shooter
  • Making a shot list

Many people become nervous about shooting on their wedding day. Being a good photographer is contributed with having good photography skills. Others include:


  • Being able to build rapport with anyone at the wedding
  • Being able to solve problems amicably
  • Able to think quickly.

Able to control the crowd.

  • Being an entertainer.

A wedding photographer needs to know his/her camera well to prevent issues of irresponsibility and unfairness to the couple. A photographer needs to wear comfortable shoes on this day. Also, he/she should interchange his/her lens.

Wedding photography trends

Photos mean a lot to everyone on this happy day-wedding day. To be sure that your photographer is going to produce nice and pretty photos, the following are some of the important trends of 2017 you should try. It all applies if you also want to memorize your wedding anniversary too! For the latter we can recommend you these wonderful 7th year wedding anniversary gifts that will not only be loved by your soul mate but will also leave her speechless!


The drone rage is an advent as it has been said by Manny Carabel, who is a photographer.This applies to videographers as well as stenographers. This enables photographers to gain vantage point to take images by standing at one point. It also helps the photographer to take a picture of the bride and groom from a totally different perspective.

Film photography.

This is the use of cameras which are analogue, having a film which is negative.The pictures they produce are not rough and they have a more paint fill compared to the digital ones. Kristin La Voie, a film photographer said that many couples were going for them

Editorial styled shots

Many brides hate photos that seem to come from a magazine.Amy naiz,a photographer said that your wedding day is your glamorous moment where you need styled portraits.

Use of bright colors only

Bush, a wedding planner with Pure Luxe Bride said that there will be a greater shift from the use of neutral color to the use of bright ones.

Use of fleshy picked flowers.

Jennifer Arreguin together with Natasha, wedding planners, said that couples are now going for the fleshly picked flowers and green herbs to use them in their weddings.

  • Smoke from bombs
  • Use of fewer filters
  • Use of black and white in their photographs.

Art and photography.

There is always a feeling if there were boundaries in the creativity world between artists, designers, and musicians Art is a pathetic aspect in urban areas that greatly passes messages. Anyone can become a photographer, be it a musician, a doctor and more. For instance, a young man who was a hotel attendant used his free time {at night} to train and he became the best photographer.

Einstein said that imagination is more crucial than knowledge because imagination encircles arts.Streer art by use of eyes pic arts the artist’s rituals. Creative hub can perform a collaboration to create pics- arts that can move beyond simple photo editor to a powerful tool

Best wedding photography trends 2016.

1 Classic film: This allows photographers to perform beautiful imagery.

2. Postproduction edits

3. Technology for style: Tilt shift the lens and art lens are on trend.

4. Forgetting boring bridals.

Think, apply and incorporate new techniques and trends of 2017. It is a great year for wedding photographers where they should meet all your demands regarding trends in photography.